About Hackers Bar

A Bar where you can consult a "Hacker" in Roppongi, Tokyo.

Hackers Bar is a place where you can enjoy live programming and business making. In our environment the term "Hacker" is applied to someone who possesses top skills and knowledge to provide innovative and quick solutions even to the most difficult tasks. If you have any requests, we will make it happen while you relax over a drink.

Monday - Saturday 18:00 open(Last entry 0:00)
Sunday & Holiday is close

02 2019

21日 (木)

  • Mind Hacking Day

22日 (金)

  • Hacker's Live

  • JavaScript

23日 (土)

  • Hacker's Live

  • AI / 機械学習

24日 (日)

  • 定休日

25日 (月)

  • Hacker's Live

  • TOOL

26日 (火)


  • Hacker's Live

27日 (水)

  • Hacker's Live

  • AR / VR

28日 (木)

  • MATH

  • Hacker's Live


“このバーは、ハッカーがもてなすというコンセプトで、お酒を楽しみながら出てきたアイディアのプロトタイプをその場で開発する、なんてことも可能。「ゆくゆくは、ここで生まれたアイディアを事業として開発、なんてことも考えられる」(中尾氏)という。 ”

「ハッカーズバー」が六本木にオープン、ライブでプロトタイピングも 【@maskin】

“ 出てきたのはおいしそうなハイボール「ハッカーズハイボール」だ。これは、ウイスキーのドクターペッパー割りという斬新で絶妙な組み合わせの一品。聞けば、このメニューはとあるドクターペッパー好きエンジニアのために作られたものとのこと。「お酒好きにはたまらないおいしさです」と店主は言う。”

カクテル名が「ブルースクリーン」「スパゲッティ」って不吉すぎるでしょ! 六本木にできた「Hackers Bar」行ってきた(ねとらぼ)

“ For the average person, the long lines of programming script are impossible to follow, but the bar attracts employees from big IT companies in the area. Despite officially opening only this June, the Hackers Live nights already bring in a full house. Good luck trying to find a place on the horseshoe counter to sit your laptop. ”

Hack your way into a computerized cocktail

“ When it comes to finding a place to drink, Tokyo caters to every esoteric taste imaginable. It’s a city where you can get a cocktail surrounded by video game characters, canned food, or penguins. But until recently, Japan’s capital was somehow lacking in watering holes aimed squarely at software developers and coders.”

Drinking a Blue Screen of Death in the back streets of Tokyo(The verge)

“ Hackers Bar adds a new variable in what has become a monotonous bar scene in Roppongi. The first of its kind in Tokyo, the hi-tech establishment appeals to the programming and engineering crowd by fusing the joys of technology with that of libations.”

A hub for drinks and quick bytes (METROPOLIS)

“ This is Japan's first bar was opened on May 12th, 2014 in Roppongi where programming live can be enjoyed! Active 'hacker" stations at the bar who is lively developing application or product! Indeed, their unique concept is to accept a real business request, such as system and application development. ”

'Hackers bar' programming bar in Roppongi - Bitcoin accepted (BEAUTY OF JAPAN)


Address: Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 7-12-3-4F


For inquiries regarding advertising, coverage, recruitment and reservation dial: 050-5218-7224